About Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson is a New England based folk/americana artist that has crafted an intimate and sincere sound. Derek grew up outside of Worcester Massachusetts. At 18, Derek moved to Nashville TN where he grew as a songwriter and performer.

While setting roots in Nashville, he performed under the stage name "Derek W. Curtis" in homage to a family name of Homestead porch-playing musicians. In the 7 years Derek's released "Carpetbagger", a conceptual album about his experience of moving to the country music capital  with his northern folk music roots. 

After releasing "Carpetbagger", Derek hit the road and toured throughout the Midwest, East Coast, and all throughout Canada spanning from Montreal through Vancouver. At the end of 2018, Derek moved back to the northeast, bringing his refined live show back with him.  A couple weeks before leaving Nashville, Derek spent a couple days in the studio with his dear friends he had made in Nashville, and they recorded his body of work "Blue Veil". 

After taking a hiatus from performing and writing due to some burnout and Covid, Derek came back to music with force recording his own collection of songs with a portable recording console in the basements of his living situations. coming out of this reconnection with music and production, Derek released back-to-back EP's in 2023 named "Space // Time" and "Time // Space". It's a collections of songs that were newly written as well as songs that didn't make the cut on his last two projects. 

His melodic guitar playing brings a blend of Folk, Bluegrass, and Country stylings, paired with his honest and self-reflective lyrics.