From the recording Blue Veil


Oh my honey I think we could start planning
If we should start handling our Garden bed
Cause right now the frost is melting into the soil
So let's toil in that mud instead

I'll get deep down if you get the seeds
But first we gotta pull them weeds
There's always more life when you dig deep below
But before you know it we'll hit
A place for our seeds to softly sit
Let's hope that they'll grow, that we'll grow

Oh my honey with all this time we have to wait
Wondering what time can slowly create
Well what is there to do
With all this love that we grew
I love planning a garden with you

Oh my honey this summer had my sweating
Hope it's not getting to hot for our plants so young
Cause the weatherman says the heat it won't be breaking
So let's keep making it rain under the beating sun

Yes the work is hard but this yard
Will be full of love we'll guard
From the dangers that'll take what they can
But with our four hands we'll work as one
Picking peppers when their ripe and done
Of their blooming, we're blooming

Oh my honey I love to take my time with you
Sit in the shade as the cooling breeze blew
So what is there to do with all this love that we grew
I love planting a garden with you
I love planting a garden with you